Experiment 1

This time lapse photography was produced from the experiment 1 which was conducted live over a course of five days with two raspberries, one strawberry, and two blackberries. One set of fruits was not preserved and the other was preserved with BFresh preservation technology. With BFRESH preservation technology, the ripening was delayed, the spoilage was prevented at the same time frame and neither of the fruits exhibited yeast. These differences are shown in the time lapse photography below

Experiment start-End date: January 24-30, 2013 8 PM Pacific Standard Time
Purpose: Prevention of fruit spoilage and growth of yeast
Group description: Strawberry (n=1), Blackberry (n=2), and Raspberry (n=2)
Non-preserved: Left
Preserved with BFresh Right
Temperature: Ambient + 4-6 degrees (heat generated by light)

Video recording of this experiment is available upon request.