About Us


e have developed a new method for food preservation that is organic in nature. This method prevents fruit and vegetable ripening, decontaminates food from microorganisms it harbors, prevents food spoilage or decay, and prolongs food shelf life. NEW: BFresh also preserves bread, such that it prevents the formation of mold. This method can substitute current methods of food preservation including those that require addition of preservatives, or the use of pasteurization, sterilization, cooking, drying, radiation, high frequency freezing, ultrasounds, high pressure processing, pulsed electric fields, pulsed light treatment, or cooling. The method preserves the natural characteristics of the food or processed food, such as flavor, aroma and texture, requires low energy and can be used by commercial companies as well as by end consumers. The process does not require special packaging or removal of air from package or changing the composition of food, and no special machinery or technical skill. Our innovative method can be applied to bread, fruits, produce, plants, meat, poultry, fish, water or any other food product and is of low cost both to companies and to consumers and can decrease the food wastage, and consequently the food shortage and lowers the price of the food. We expect and anticipate that our technology can substitute or augment, most if not all other technologies and methods of food preservation that require preservatives, or special machinery, or skills and is likely to become acceptable to public due to its low cost and health benefits that it offers since current chemical preservatives are no longer required to keep food fresh.

The process that we have developed is safe and harmless to the food and to the user; it can be used from post-harvest time, during transport, during processing, to the distribution and sale of the food. The method is also inexpensive and highly reduces the cost of loss of revenue by companies due to food spoilage and decay across the globe. We anticipate that this method will become the gold standard in food industry and is likely to eradicate food shortage, and will reduce the cost of food for the consumer, and will reduce the loss of revenue by farmers, producers, distributors and all other food companies. In addition, it is our mission to decrease starvation on a global level.